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Discussion Board Information

When you log in to take the online quizzes, you will see that you also have the option to participate in the discussion board from the home page of your account. The quizzes cover a vast amount of material, and the discussion board offers you the opportunity to ask other users how to solve problems, as well as giving you an opportunity to offer your expertise to others.

To navigate to the discussion board, log in to your Courseware account at, just as you would if you were taking a quiz. After you log in, select your course from the course listing, and your home page should appear. The link for the Discussion Board can be accessed from your home page, as shown in the screenshot below.

Finding the Discussion Board on the Home Page of your Courseware account

Instructors from the University of Houston Mathematics Department will monitor the discussion board from time to time, but it is set up with the intent that the users will help each other. Since these quizzes are a free resource and our instructors have other departmental responsibilities, we will unfortunately not have the time to answer every question. Please invite your mathematics and mathematics education instructors to sign up for our site, familiarize themselves with the quizzes, and participate in the discussion board. We appreciate the valuable assistance that they can provide to those who are preparing for their certification exams.

Most of our quiz questions have already been field-tested for accuracy. If, however, you believe that you find an error on one of the quizzes, please check with others in the discussion board first. If others confirm the error, please contact us to let us know.