Math 1325 Video Lessons
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Lesson Number
Topic(s) Covered
Lesson 1 Videos
Lesson 2 Videos
An Introduction to GeoGebra
Lesson 3 Videos
Regressions in GeoGebra
Lesson 4 Videos
Lesson 5 Videos
Lesson 6 Videos
The Derivative
Lesson 7 Videos
Numerical Derivatives, Applications, Higher Order Derivatives
Lesson 8 Videos
Business Applications: Break Even Analysis, Equilibrium Price/Quantity
Lesson 9 Videos
Marginal Analysis
Lesson 10 Videos
Elasticity of Demand
Lesson 11 Videos
Exponential Models
Lesson 12 Videos
Analyzing Polynomial Functions
Lesson 13 Videos
Analyzing General Functions
Lesson 14 Videos
Absolute Extrema
Lesson 15 Videos
Lesson 16 Videos
Area and Riemann Sums
Lesson 17 Videos
More with Riemann Sums and the Definite Integral
Lesson 18 Videos
Antiderivatives and The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Lesson 19 Videos Numerical Integration and Applications
Lesson 20 Videos
Area Between Two Curves
Lesson 21 Videos
Other Applications
Lesson 22 Videos
Functions of Two Variables
Lesson 23 Videos
Partial Derivatives
Lesson 24 Videos
Functions of Two Variables - Optimization