GeoGebra resources on the web

This is a collection of web pages that give some resources for GeoGebra.  Since we are not assured of web access for the minicourse, these pages are downloaded to the CD.

The place to start is the home page of GeoGebra, at .
As mentioned earlier, one of the links from this page is the download page where you can download GeoGebra directly.  There is also a link to a list of example applets.

The Help function in GeoGebra links to a website.  The Help link from the main site provides a number of options, including downloading the help information in a pdf file.

Another nice reference is the GeoGebra user forum.  It is an active wiki where you can ask questions and get them answered.  The roughly 2500 participants have made about 20,000 posts.

Besides the forum, there are a number of wiki's associated to GeoGebra for finding more information.
  1. Perhaps the most important is the GeoGebra wiki, or at least the English page.  It is a collection of GeoGebra files and applets so that you can see what other people have done with the program.
  2. The Know How Wiki is a collection of pages addressing how to make things work.
Since GeoGebra is open source with an active community, it continues to develop.  The current stable release is 3.0.4.  The next main release is 3.2.0.  The pre-release version is currently at 3.1.205.  The Pre-Release release notes give you an idea of what will be in the next version.  Two technical pages that follow up on issues mentioned in the workshop - There are pages detailing the applet parameters and the javascript methods of Geogebra.

My collection of applets is at

Since we are looking at web pages with GeoGebra, it is worthwhile to discuss html and javascript, two programming languages that are used in web pages.
  1. There are a number of html tutorials available on the web.  For the most part you should be able to avoid learning html by using a WYSIWYG editor, but at some point you will want to tweak a page and it is good to be able to do that.
  2. Javascript is a scripting language that can be used to make web pages dynamic.  We are interested in it because GeoGebra is Javascript aware.  In other words, it can be used to send commands to applets and to get information back out of the applet.  Once again, there are javascript tutorials available when you have questions.

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